About Juda Customs Home Renovations

It is Juda Customs’ mission to consistently provide quality craftsmanship and products in a professional manner to our customers. We are dedicated to building lasting relationships by insuring 100% customer satisfaction in our home renovation projects. We believe that providing education about our services and products and the contracting industry is the honest and professional way to assist clients.

Our Role in Home Renovation

When choosing a contractor to work with, you should think about what the contractor believes their role is. Some will focus on doing the work. Some will focus on managing the work. Others seem to have trouble focusing and the project degenerates into broken promises and unfinished work.

We believe our main role is to advocate for the homeowner. We realize that most homeowners have neither the time nor inclination to manage a home renovation. Our clients depend on us to develop a team of professionals who are committed to quality. Who will be on budget and on time.

We advocate keeping the cost down and the quality high. We provide the necessary information to the team members so we can create reasonable schedules that we can meet. We spend hours reviewing the plans and specifications to ensure that each sub contractor and supplier thoroughly understands their scope of work.

From day one through the completion of your project, we will work for your satisfaction. If you want a strong partner, personalized service, quality workmanship, a predictable budget and timely completion, look no further than Juda Customs.

Our Team of Subcontractors and Suppliers

We are no better than our weakest team member. Over the years we have researched and developed a top notch team of construction professionals. Each sub and supplier was carefully chosen based on their reputation and experience in the home renovation field. We believe there is no better team in the Colorado area who cover drywall, tile, mechanical, plumbing and electric installations. Chief among them is Kraftword Design Build. We have partnered with this great company several times and will continue to do so in the future.

Many residential remodelers “go out to bid” on each project attempting to find the cheapest bid for each category. Rarely does the cheapest bid provide good quality. At Juda Customs, we believe that having a seasoned team of quality oriented subcontractors and suppliers is key. They know and understand our expectations for excellence for projects.

Our Experience

A true craftsman puts his heart into his work — every project, every effort, every day. Mike Juda ensures that craftsmanship is in every home renovation project and consistently applies his creative style. He is personally involved and helps to oversee each project. He is always open to new ideas — often suggesting them as the project unfolds. He has vast experience working in the high-end custom remodeling field including several projects with Shaeffer Hyde Construction in Vail, Colorado. He has all the appropriate licenses and insurances to get your project up and running in no time. Contact him today to talk through your ideas!


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